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jonq8787. Participant. @jonq8787. 5 years ago. Hi, I would like to add a like button to buddypress activity posts, the only plugin I can find for this is https://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-like/ When installed it crashes my site and i have to remove it via cpanel. Can anybody help please The Like Button Rating plugin is powered by LikeBtn.com. The plugin is commercial and provides a 7-day TRIAL. After TRIAL ends your website is switched to the FREE plan and you can continue using FREE or upgrade. Plugin also provides discounts for non-profits How to add the Favorite/Like button post in buddypress so users can like content. I search and tried manything.. Please help me The BuddyPress pages can be modified through the Customizer.To display all available customization options, please navigate to Appearance > Customize > Community. Member Actions Buttons Background Color - The background color for each button of the BuddyPress member and directory pages.; Love Buttons Color - The icon color for each love button of the BuddyPress member and directory pages

Topic Like Button for bbPress. Defines two functions: bbp_topic_like_button () and get_bbp_topic_like_button (). Use these in your bbPress topic template file to Dieses Plugin implementiert einen Like-Button in BuddyPress. BuddyPress Mobile macht eine BuddyPress-Plattform ohne weiteren Aufwand auch auf einem SmartPhone benutzbar. Buddypress Auto Group Join erlaubt es einem Administrator, Gruppen auszuwählen, denen neue User automatisch hinzugefügt werden sollen, beispielsweise eine New Members-Gruppe oder eine Fragen & Antworten-Gruppe After installing and activating the plugin, go to the Settings panel and enable the Auto Display option for your target section (Currently for: Posts, Comments, BuddyPress activities & bbPress Topics.). Otherwise, you can use the manual way. In order to insert Like button inside a content use the following shortcode: Display CTA button [wp_ulike BuddyPress Activity Plus comes with 3 button styles, plus you can add your own custom styles. In addition, BuddyPress Activity plus creates content snippets automatically, which makes sharing content a bliss

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This post will focus on using it with BuddyPress. This is what the Like Button does: The Like button enables users to make connections to your pages and share content back to their friends on Facebook with one click. Since the content is hosted by Facebook, the button can display personalized content whether or not the user has logged into your site. For logged-in Facebook users, the button is personalized to highlight friends who have also liked the page BuddyPress integration Enable the like button to appear on the activity stream for BuddyPress. Configure the message you want to show on the BuddyPress Activity stream, with some placeholders available for more customization. Flexible design New features were introduced to help you fitting the plugin sty 1 Facebook Like Button has better usage coverage in more websites categories. Including Computers Electronics & Technology, Arts & Entertainment, Science & Education, Food & Drink and 20 other categories. 2 BuddyPress hasn't got a lead over Facebook Like Button in any websites category You can also change the images of each button. If you have any questions, please, inbox me to my Facebook profile. Features: Create like button for activity stream on the BuddyPress site; 6 different emotions; Count each emotion; There is a possibility to change pictures; Turn on MX Like Button for particular post types; How does it work

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  1. I found this plugin to add some extra interaction to the Buddypress wall which doesn't come with like button and it's working out great, people are using it a lot. I am also using it on the site's BBpress forum. There are several ways to display the plugin which is nice, you can have a like or love button. Thanks! Daria. Get Started With WP ULike Today. Join thousands of professionals.
  2. MX Like Button will add a mechanism of like buttons similar to Facebook to your Buddypress website. - Maxim-us/mx-like-button
  3. Once you have chosen your preferred settings, like buttons will appear for Posts, Comments, in the forum areas and also the BuddyPress areas and WP ULike will start collecting statistics based on who is liking what. Opening up the DashBoard>>WP ULIike>>WP ULike Statistics page displays all of the statistics gathered for your site, including the total number of likes, a graph of likes over time.
  4. Tks, but was just a suggestion, I use rating media instead, it is because when an user post an activity with a photo and gives it a like, it dosn't show on their statistics, is more like to have full integration, like the one they have with bbpress. This reply was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by Oscar
  5. With outstanding and eye-catching widgets, you can have Like and Dislike Button on all of your content would it be a post, comment, BuddyPress activity, bbPress topics, WooCommerce products, you name it. Now you can feel your users Love for each part of your work. It's time for WP ULike. Surprises you won't see anywhere els
  6. or bug fixes; 3.0.3. Improved template system; Fixed bug with audio/video uploads; Fixed bug with featured media; Fixed activity duplication issue; Other

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Learn how to customize Buddpress activities stream using custom CSS. In this video tutorial you will learn how to use CSS to customize Buddypress elements su.. Fix - Like Button hooks disappearing from myCRED on some systems fixed; Fix - Dislikes count in Posts list fixed; 2.2.0. Aggiunto - Pulsante di Like per gli allegati ; Add - Like Button in Epoch comments; Add - Sort bbPress replies by likes (Settings tab) Add - Category filter in the Most liked content widget; Add - Diagnose the system feature (Settings tab) Add - BuddyPress. Message Buttons Color - The icon color for message love button of the BuddyPress member and directory pages. Success Buttons Color - The icon color for each button of the BuddyPress member and directory pages associated with a success action In the Configuration > Content Types tab, select the template for the Like button and the counter for the different types of content (comments, posts, bbPress, and BuddyPress activities) Make the other preferred changes to the settings. Click the Save button

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  1. BuddyPress has integration for major WordPress plugins like plugin like LMS LearnDash. Integration is the solution to create a social learning website . Similarly, BuddyPress has integration with Multivendor Marketplace plugins like Dokan and WC Vendors which will help to create a social marketplace solution
  2. istration area that lets you manage the site. Our themes rely on having a self-hosted version of WordPress with the BuddyPress plugin installed on your own website
  3. The Like button is a way for people to show their appreciation for your posts. You can activate the Likes button by following these steps: Go to Jetpack → Settings in your Dashboard, then click to the Sharing tab. Scroll to the Like buttons section near the bottom of the page
  4. Meet the most complete BuddyPress Moderation solution with advanced features to take full control over your community and keep it safe with automatic moderation features and restrictions and more BuddyPress Moderation plugin is compatible with Youzify, BuddyPress Nouveau Theme, BuddyPress Legacy Theme, BuddyBoss Theme, and BuddyBoss Plugin
  5. Add Like button to posts, pages, comments, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress, custom post types! Sort content by likes! Get instant stats and insights! The Like Button Voting & Rating plugin allows you to add a cool looking fully customizable Like button to: Posts Pages Comments WooCommerce Products BuddyPress Activities and Members bbPress Forum Posts and Users Custom Post Types Epoch Comments.
  6. WP ULike enables you to add Ajax Like button into your WordPress and allowing your visitors to like and unlike posts,comments, BuddyPress activities & bbPress Topics. php wordpress wordpress-plugin statistics buddypress bbpress mycred-plugin like-button ultimate-member likers Updated Jan 9, 2021; PHP; r-a-y / bp-reply-by-email Star 62 Code Issues Pull requests Reply to BuddyPress items from.
  7. The BuddyPress Add-on replaces BuddyPress's Field Management with Profile Builder's fields. This means that in order to continue using BuddyPress user data you will need to use the import feature from Profile Builder -> BuddyPress page. Importing will start by clicking the Import BuddyPress Fields button

GitHub - Alimir/wp-ulike: WP ULike enables you to add Ajax

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The screenshot shows Social Share button & services for logged-in users added by plugin related to BuddyPress Activity Social Share plugin and corresponds to screenshot-1.(jpg|jpeg|gif). BuddyPress Activity Social Share admin setting page View : It is the screen that shows admin settings at BuddyPress Activity Social Share under General tab and corresponds to screenshot-2.(png|jpg|jpeg|gif) This BuddyPress Block Members plugin will allow you to apply too many types of restrictions on the blocked members and you can apply some restrictions on the blocking users too to take the full control over your blocking system also it offers an admin table to manage all the blocking operation between members on your website

http://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5134. This describes the behaviour precisely. When I remove the who's online widget from the sidebar, the buttons reappear. Re-adding causes them to disappear. Etc etc. The bug reports the groups widget may be part of the issue. It does not seem to cause the behaviour in my install Custom fields like checkbox, dropdown or radio button, need one extra setting. These fields need to have their meta_keys as same as Registration Forms > Settings > BuddyPress > BuddyPress Profile fields > edit field > Edit ground meta_keys. To do that, first, you need to show the values on the Registration form. Hover on the field and you will reach Field Options. Then you need to check this. After installing BuddyPress Group Leaderboard, you will find the plugin settings on your WordPress admin area navigating to the GamiPress menu -> Settings -> Add-ons tab at box named BuddyPress Group Leaderboard. Just choose the settings you want and click the Save Settings button

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  1. setting; masonry layout fixes; Fix drag n drop in activity page when attachment for activity is disabled; Added missing og:image property in single rtMedia BuddyPress activity ; Fix likes translated in SQL query; Fix activity photo after media edit; Added JS alert when uploading is in progress; Added membership.
  2. Adds Print button to TinyMCE; Adds Brazilian Portuguese localization. 1.1.7. Fixes Tab name bug in 1.1.6 that may cause tab to disappear; 1.1.6. Rolls back group-specific Tab names and puts it in Dashboard > BuddyPress > Settings; 1.1.5. Better redirect handling using bp_core_no_access(), when available; Added TinyMCE table plugi
  3. Version 7.2.0 is a BuddyPress maintenance release. It was released on February 17, 2021. 6 bugs were fixed. For Version 7.2.0, the database version (_bp_db_version in wp_options) was 12385, and the Trac revision was 12849. Fixes. BP Nouveau: make sure the password field of the registration form is displayed in the Twenty Twenty-One them

It looks like the color is shining through. The color comes from the Global background color. See picture. Nav-1. Please turn it off. These are some of the main styling issues, at least on my site. However, I have the same problems on my testing server. All styling issues, are more or less related to the buddypress profile page - and I think the Grimlock for buddypress is the villain. I. I want to add images instead of radio button labels (buddypress xprofile fields). wordpress buddypress. asked Nov 2 '20 at 15:30. Juan Rey. 1. 0. votes. 0answers 23 views Hide users in members directory who don't have profile picture . I want to hide those users who don't have profile picture in members directory. In other words I want to hide members in member loop who don't have. It's like a thread with beads. The plugin perfectly adapts to the needs of your social network website. 4. BuddyPress is open-source. This means that anyone can develop it to make BuddyPress even better. Now you are not dependent on developers, because you can be one! 5. BuddyPress lets you control your users' ability. Give maximum or minimum opportunities for users of your social network site. Whether its a school, college, or a private community, you can use BuddyPress to create one. Moreover, this plugin is very easy to set up and work with. Simply click this button and go. TRY BUDDYPRESS DEMO WITH REIGN What our Reign BuddyPress Demo does. It will launch a private sandbox demo with WordPress, BuddyPress and our fully-functional. DSGVO Facebook Like Button; DSGVO Facebook Kommentare; DSGVO Shareaholic; DSGVO Twitter Tweet; DSGVO LinkedIn; Installation. Upload plugin over wordpress; Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins' menu in WordPress; Configure the Plugin by clicking on the menu point in wordpress admin called DSGVO All in one Customize the Settings and ave the Form. Notice: After the first install you.

Add Global FB Like Buttons to BuddyPress & Activity Stream

BuddyPress Trac: Ticket #5610: Favorite button, like comment, needs to be in any post too This means - I click on a blog post link from activity stream to read it. Then I come to the blog post page and read it in full It allows you to include message attachments, document collaboration, likes, a Facebook-like wall, and more. It's focused on simple integration, ease of use, and extensibility. BuddyPress website. Users can create their own profiles, send messages, create groups, share status updates, and much more. BuddyPress comes with several components that integrate directly with your existing WordPress.

Enable/Disable Groups Directory Cards Share Buttons. Allow Visitors ( Non Logged In Users ) To Share Activities, Profiles, Groups. 3 Buttons Borders Styles ( Radius, Circle, Flat ). 4 Buttons Type ( Colorful, Gray, Silver, White ). Youzify (formerly Youzer) - BuddyPress Community & WordPress User Profile Plugin GP WordCamp.org, Affiliates Manager, AnsPress - Question and answer, Open Currency Converter, bbPress - New UI, BuddyDrive, BuddyPress, BuddyPress Like, Button Builder - Buttons X, Charitable - Donation Plugin, Church Admin, CommentPress Core, Contact Form to DB by BestWebSoft, Contact Manager, DaTask, Easy Property Listings, eve-shipinfo, Events Maker by dFactory, Business Directory Plugin. buddypress-trac noreply at wordpress.org Tue Jul 22 19:35:44 UTC 2014. Previous message: [buddypress-trac] [BuddyPress Trac] #5617: Improved image size detection during cropping process Next message: [buddypress-trac] [BuddyPress Trac] #5610: Favorite button, like comment, needs to be in any post to

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Also, like with the Buddypress post updates, we added reactions so people can show what they think about it! Illustrations, SVG Icons and Avatars Included! Yes! We're including all illustration elements like the credits, rank shields, badges, quest tokens, section banners, the landing illustrations and a lot more inside the pack in PSD files and made with PS vectors so you can easily. BuddyPress Charges allows you to charge points from your BuddyPress users for certain actions such as sending private messages, joining groups, and viewing other users' profiles. Simple & Easy-to-use - Your users will be charged and credited in myCred points

BP-WP Profile Reviews and Rating Plugin - SpoonjabHow to Use WPS Hide Login to Protect the WordPress AdminWordPress Menu on footer Plugin : WordPress Info
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